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Dear Mary Jo,

You are SO special, kind, and thoughtful!  Your are SO appreciated by me and Patrick!  Thank you for your patience!  See you in May.


Karen & Patrick

Dear Mary Jo,

Thank you so much for taking such good care of my pups. Toby & Licorice love you and I know they will be well taken care of.  Thank your also for all the extra treats, collars, lights a& food.

Merry Christmas!

Elisabeth, Toby & Licorice

Thank you for the excellent care you provide for the kitties.  Looks like the field season is finally over so, I won't be gone as much.  I will be traveling to North Dakota in December and will let you know ahead of time.

Thanks again for all you do.



Mary Jo...Cosmo and I thank your from the bottom of our hearts!

Carry & Cosmo


Dear Mary Jo,

You make life better for everyone around you.  You are such a blessing to so many people...including me! :)

PLEASE accept this gift and give yourself a "night" off to do something that would be special for you.


Karen H & Patrick

Hi Mary Jo,

I just want you to let you know that I appreciate all you have done to walk Jackie & let Bailey out.  I know that Jackie has been a challenge, and hard to put up with her shenanigans.  But this is the last day of my employment at St. Mary's after being ther for 27 years, but being in nursing for 50 years which was a gift from God.  Now it is a time for a new adventure.  I will always have dogs so I would definitelyt use your services in the future.  How long do you think you will be able to keep up the business?  Just a little gift for 16 months of service.

Judy, Bailey & Jackie

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